Анатолій Кінах Об'єднання організацій роботодавців України

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Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
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Donetsk Regional Branch of ULIE

Donetsk regional branch of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs began to operate in March 1996; the first board chairman was the chancellor of Donetsk National Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor and Honored Scientist of Ukraine Alexandr Minaev.

Donetsk regional branch is composed of the four sub-branches, which are in Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Kharzyzsk and Makeevka.

One of the first major initiative was the development of proposals for improving the tax system, which were made by the experts of Donetsk regional branch of ULIE in 1997. From the first days of existing and to this day Donetsk regional branch of ULIE introduces the idea of a permanent productive dialogue between the public and authorities. Donetsk regional branch of ULIE signed the agreements with State Administration of Donetsk and Mariupol, and also with the city councils of Kramatorsk, Artemovsk, Druzhkovka, Konstantinivaka and Krasnoliman. Representatives of the Donetsk region branch of ULIE are the part of the Donetsk State Administration board, they coordinate council of Donetsk State Administration of entrepreneurship development, as well as the Chamber of Commerce Committee for Small and Medium Business, Council of Entrepreneurs supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, councils and work groups.

Today the number of members of Donetsk regional branch of ULIE is increased to 200.

In Donetsk is developed the project «Hi-tech city» – regional contest of students and young scientists of Donbass, the number of round work tables and task meetings in order to create the conditions for investments, conference “Structural reform and transformation of the industry: prospects and priorities”. Regional branch of ULIE took part in the development of project Euro region “Azov”, strategies for Small and Medium business development in Donetsk region.

In 2011 Kramatorsk sub-branch created the Union of industrial agglomeration cities “Severnyi Donbass”. This initiative is actively supported by the Union of Europe, it granted the status “pilot project” within the framework of the program “Strengthening of the local democracy and support of the local government reform in Ukraine”.

Chairman of the board of Donetsk regional branch of ULIE is Oleg-Petrovich Rogoza, chairman of the Supervisory board of the company “Promyshlennyi Soyuz” (“Industrial Union”).

Executive director – Vasiliy-Grigor’evich Sobko

83045, Donetsk, st. Profesorov Bogoslavskih, 5-a

tel. (062) 387-51-63, 313-18-42,

e-mail: uspp_d@proms.dn.ua, drvuspp@proms.dn.ua


5 reasons to join ULIE

  • ULIE members can take part in improvement of business regulatory and legal framework, as well as prevent the enactment of anti entrepreneurial standards and rules.
  • ULIE will help you to build relationships with banks, institutes, consulting companies for the development of your own business and to find the new perspective line of activity.
  • ULIE members are authorized to attend international business forums organized during visits of the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine and participate in the activity of bilateral intergovernmental commissions.

  • ULIE has a corporate security, which helps to protect its members in case of controversies with partners, bureaucratic pressure and lawlessness.
  • ULIE gives you an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of responsible business, to realize the need of your company to make a positive social and environmental influence.