ULIE Membership


Membership in the ULIE can be individual and collective.

Ukrainian citizens, including businessmen, foreign citizens and people without citizenship that legally stay in the territory of Ukraine, aged 18 and older, who recognize the ULIE Statute, agree to fulfill its requirements, want to carry out the ULIE's mission and pay admission and membership fees can be individual members of the ULIE.

Employees of enterprises, establishments, organizations regardless of the form of ownership, subordination and location, non-governmental organizations and their associations, sectoral organizations of industrialists and entrepreneurs, other nonprofit organizations, including international ones, which decided to join the ULIE and pay admission and membership fees can be collective members of the ULIE.

Accession to the ULIE requires:

- the submission of properly filled in admission documents to the executive management of the ULIE;

- the payment of the admission and membership fees.

After that the issue on the admission to the ULIE shall be put on agenda of the next meeting of the ULIE Management Board.

Membership in the ULIE shall be confirmed by issuing a standard certificate and adding relevant information to the Unified Register of ULIE Members.

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