Анатолій Кінах Об'єднання організацій роботодавців України

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Ukrainian integration with Europe is "irreversible"
Anatoliy Kinakh says it is wrong to blame all the economic woes facing the country…
Top ukrainian industrialist says it will take 7 to 8 years before the war-torn country reaches "european standards"
Speaking in Brussels, Anatoliy Kinakh, a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, said…
Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
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Press Service
Titova Alina Oleksandrivna, Head Phone: (044) 536 9632 E-mail: uspptitova@ukr.net

Department for International Relations
Куцева Світлана Геннадіївна, директор
тел.: 044 278-29-81, 536-96-42
E-mail: ved3@uspp.org.ua

Law Department
Konobas Marharyta Serhiyivna, Chief Specialist Phone: (044) 279 7994 E-mail: konobase@ukr.net

Representative Office in the EU The Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Nicholas Tymoshchuk, director
T/F: +32 2 736 72 13
M: +32 48 994 67 80
168 Avenue de Cortenbergh
3rd floor, B-1000 Brussels


Commission for Food and Processing Industry Development

The current head is Veretennykov Viktor Oleksandrovych

Phone: (056) 3716778

Commission for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Development

The current head is Heorhiyivsky Mykola Serhiyovych

Commission for Construction Industry Development

The current head is Nikitin Ihor Volodymyrovych

Subcommission for Technology Development and Swimming Pools and SPA Construction

Commission for Industrial Policy Issues

The current head is Hureyev Vasyl Mykolayovych

Phone: (044) 569 4411

Commission for Light Industry Issues

The current head is Izovit Valentyna Arkadiyivna

Phone: (044) 529 7232

Commission for Quality, Certification and Competitiveness Issues

The current head is Kalyta Petro Yakovych

Phone: (044) 541 0532, (044) 526 3313

Commission for European Integration and WTO Membership

The current head is Honcharuk Andriy Ivanovych

Phone: (044) 494 1162

Commission for Tourism Development

The current head is Luhanova Liudmyla Hryhorivna

Phone: (044) 275 0625, (044) 369 3246

Commission for Stock Market, Securities and Finance and Credit Policy

The current head is Oskolsky Valentyn Volodymyrovych

Phone: (044) 279 4158

Commission for Science and IT

The current head is Petukhov Ivan Mykhailovych

Phone: (044) 232 9266

Commission for Telecommunications and Intellectual Networks

The current head is Pekar Valeriy Oleksandrovych

Phone: (044) 461 9300, (044) 461 9311

Commission for Environmental Protection Issues

The current head is Sribny Vasyl Mykhailovych

Phone: (0322) 70 2596, (044) 241 8470

Commission for International Relations

The current head is Taranenko Artem Oleksandrovych

Phone: (044) 461 9713, (044) 223 4646

Commission for Training and Advanced Training for Entrepreneurship

Commission for Taxation Policy, Finance and Banking Issues

The current head is Yefymenko Tetiana Ivanivna

Commission for Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine

The current head is Shpak Oleksandr Hryhorovych

Phone: (044) 246 7115, (044) 246 7068

Commission for Energy Development and Energy Saving

The current head is Kolmykov Yuriy Mykolayovych

Phone: (044) 390 6920

Commission for Medicine Development

The current head is Skopychenko Vadym Mykolayovych

Phone: (044) 537 0804, (044) 522 8791

Commission for Economic Security of Business Entities and Investment Protection

The current head is Dichek Oleksandr Ivanovych

Phone: (044) 583 0472

Commission for Energy Efficiency Issues

The current head is Nikitin Yevhen Yevhenovych

Phone: (044) 455 6173

Commission for Food Consumption Enterprises and Related Goods Development

The current head is Salov Oleksandr Serhiyovych

Commission for Non-State Pension Provision

The current head is Palivoda Oleh Mykolayovych

Commission for Sponsorship and Patronage in the Sphere of Support for Spirituality, Culture, Education and Sports Development

The current head is Podkopayeva Liliya Oleksandrivna

Commission for Outdoor Advertizing

The current head is Makedonsky Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

Commission for Legal Issues

The current head is Tuyev Oleh Albertovych

Phone: (057) 751 9820

Commission for Tobacco Production and Turnover Regulation

The current head is Khomenko Valentyna Oleksiyivna

Phone: (044) 251 8279

Commission for Housing and Utility Development and Reform

The current head is Bulbas Serhiy Valeriyovych

Commission for Defense and Industry Complex

The current head is Zubarev Valeriy Volodymyrovych

Commission for Ecological Policy Issues

The current head is Krasnikov Denys Anatoliyovych

Phone: (044) 289 6274

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  • ULIE members can take part in improvement of business regulatory and legal framework, as well as prevent the enactment of anti entrepreneurial standards and rules.
  • ULIE will help you to build relationships with banks, institutes, consulting companies for the development of your own business and to find the new perspective line of activity.
  • ULIE members are authorized to attend international business forums organized during visits of the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine and participate in the activity of bilateral intergovernmental commissions.

  • ULIE has a corporate security, which helps to protect its members in case of controversies with partners, bureaucratic pressure and lawlessness.
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