The government and entrepreneurs have signed a joint statement on the development of the Ukrainian economy

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The government and entrepreneurs have signed a joint statement on the development of the Ukrainian economy
The signing procedure took place within the presentation of the Economic Platform "Made in Ukraine", initiated by the President of Ukraine for continuous communication and coordination of interaction between state bodies, representatives of relocated enterprises, domestic business, public associations of entrepreneurs, foreign investors, political figures, scientists, and experts.

The platform is intended to serve as a platform for ensuring effective dialogue and consolidation of efforts between the government and business, stimulating business activity of Ukrainian producers, popularizing and promoting Ukrainian products, creating economic conditions for the restoration, modernization, and growth of the Ukrainian economy, as well as for encouraging the return of Ukrainian citizens from abroad.

The presentation was attended by the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky, Prime Minister D. Shmygal, First Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Economy Y. Sviridenko, as well as representatives of key partner countries, including Penny Pritzker - U.S. Special Representative for Economic Recovery of Ukraine, James Hope - Director of the USAID Regional Mission in Ukraine, and others.

The panel discussion was dedicated to the issue of resetting relations between the state and entrepreneurs. In his speech, the President instructed the government to develop practical steps to support Ukrainian enterprises, including the development of the Ukrainian cashback program "Buy Ukrainian".

Following this, a joint statement was signed between the Government of Ukraine and Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Anatoliy Kinakh, President of the ULIE, signed the document on behalf of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

At a press briefing, he emphasized the importance for Ukraine to increase the self-sufficiency of its economy, invest in the development of the manufacturing industry, and new technologies.

"We must produce and export not raw materials, but goods with high added value. These are jobs, more revenues to the state budget, and therefore better support for the Defense Forces of Ukraine," noted the business community leader.

The parties declared their intentions to work together to create favorable conditions for doing business in Ukraine, as well as emphasized the need for entrepreneurs to pay taxes.

The statement outlines that the state, on its part, commits to:
• Creating conditions to prevent unlawful pressure from law enforcement agencies on businesses;
• Reducing administrative burden and increasing transparency of the taxation system;
• Increasing transparency of customs work;
• Creating a favorable business climate;
• Continuing deregulation of economic relations where possible and appropriate;
• Implementing programs for the development of Ukrainian producers, including through access to public procurement and stimulating demand for Ukrainian goods;
• Promoting investment through access to cheap financial resources, development of industrial infrastructure, simplification of connections to networks, access to raw materials, investment insurance;
• Opening external markets for Ukrainian goods and supporting Ukrainian non-raw material exports.
On their part, representatives of the business community declare the following commitments:
• Paying taxes in accordance with the legislation;
• Officially employing workers and officially paying full wages;
• Not cooperating with Russia;
• Investing in production and business development in Ukraine;
• Ensuring the dignified return of veterans to the workplace.
The signatories of the joint statement identified the following priority areas for cooperation between the state and entrepreneurs:
• Developing practical solutions to reduce pressure on entrepreneurs by law enforcement agencies, including developing appropriate changes to the Criminal Procedure Code;
• Rebooting the Bureau of Economic Security;
• Defining criteria for classifying businesses as "white" and a list of benefits for such businesses;
• Creating a platform for receiving feedback from entrepreneurs;
• Developing initiatives to support the development of Ukrainian producers;
• Developing solutions to improve and digitalize the booking and travel system.
Work on developing solutions will be carried out based on the Entrepreneurship Support Council, as well as on the "Made in Ukraine" platform and platforms of Ukrainian business associations.