ULIE and the Institute of Corporate Law and Foreign Investments (Warsaw) will engage Polish businesses in Ukraine

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ULIE and the Institute of Corporate Law and Foreign Investments (Warsaw) will engage Polish businesses in Ukraine
Poland remains one of Ukraine's key partners, both geopolitically and economically. Bilateral trade amounted to $9,526 million from January to October last year. Additionally, this country plays a crucial transit role for the export of necessary goods from the EU to Ukraine, including defense-related items. Over the past two years of full-scale aggression by russia against Ukraine, several million refugees and numerous entrepreneurs have relocated to Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow etc. During this time, over 30,000 companies with Ukrainian capital have been established.

Clearly, Ukraine, which continues to fight against russian aggressors, needs to strengthen its own economic prowess. To achieve this, it is necessary to create conditions for investors and entrepreneurs, including foreign ones.

The Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ULIE) is actively working on this task, with one of the best dynamics of cooperation being with Poland, as well as the Baltic countries.

ULIE has partnership with all the largest business organizations in Poland, including the Institute of Corporate Law and Foreign Investments, headed by former Prime Minister of Poland Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. Several months ago, the parties signed a memorandum of cooperation.

According to the calculations of the Polish side, currently, more than 2,000 companies are interested in participating in projects aimed at the restoration of Ukraine, opening production facilities (full or partial) here, or seeking local partners.

"We cannot afford to waste such potential," says ULIE President Anatoliy Kinakh.

Last week, a representative of the Institute, Robert Mirek-Hoffman, visited Kyiv. Together with ULIE First Vice President Serhiy Prokhorov, ULIE Vice Presidents Nina Taranenko, Svitlana Kutseva, Serhiy Ustinov, and the head of the ULIE press service, Iryna Kutsiuk, the parties agreed on a preliminary plan of joint activities to organize bilateral business conferences, a Ukrainian cultural festival in Poland, and a greater media presence for Ukrainian business in Poland. Mr. Robert will work in this direction with his Polish colleagues, involving more partners in the implementation of these tasks.

ULIE is convinced that these efforts will help, among other things, to address issues related to the actions of Polish farmers at the border, which are becoming unacceptable (violating EU legislation, agreements with the Polish government).

The parties have agreed to strengthen bilateral business communications, including through the work of the Ukraine-Poland Business Council.

"ULIE invites Polish businesses to actively invest and work in Ukraine; we will facilitate the search for reliable partners, provide consulting and assistance in establishing necessary communications with regulatory authorities, tax authorities, and the government. Additionally, we promote the idea of state insurance for investors against war risks," summarized ULIE.