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Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
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Projects and Initiatives

Industrialists and entrepreneurs always look for new and effective ideas, they have creative and innovative spirit. Experts and activists of the ULIE try to develop and offer to the business community projects that could contribute to the intensification of business activities.

During the economic crisis in 2008-2009, the ULIE developed a program entitled "Private Residential Houses – Energy Efficiency and Affordability." The project was aimed at the recovery of the construction sphere and related productions, and its zest is a modern approach to energy saving using high technologies which allows building housing literally in the middle of nowhere. Recently this approach was implemented in scientific researches and recommendations of the League's partner – State Enterprise UkrNDIprotsyvilsilbud. The institute presented a detailed report about domestic producers and suppliers of components for energy saving houses and their engineering systems. Special attention was paid to low-rise construction, introduction of passive house standards that allow using alternative energy sources for heating and hot water supply. The ULIE suggests designers and constructors to use this report.

Another project implemented by the ULIE is the forming of a business partnership chain "producer-bank-customer," which integrates production, consumption and crediting. Today Ukraine faces a critical shortage of freight railcars – in 2011 it needed up to 25,000 cars. Dniprovska Operating Company, the core business of which is freight transportation by railway on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), badly needed financial resources for the replenishment of its own railway stock. The League has partnership relations with the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine (Ukreximbank). They signed a cooperation agreement in June 2010. In addition, PJSC Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works, one of the largest in the CIS producers of railway cars, is a member of the ULIE. Thanks to these circumstances the ULIE built an effective partnership chain. Thus, Dniprovska Operating Company obtained a credit from Ukreximbank and every month, starting from August 2011, it buys from Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works more than ten gondola cars and regularly carries out freight transportation. Due to the ULIE's efforts the company is quickly increasing its operating and financial indices, Ukreximbank has got a reliable and predictable partner, and Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works now has a competitive buyer. From 2012 the company switched to a leasing program of buying rolling stock. The company has tripled the volume of gondola car purchases to 300-500 per year. The ULIE is a platform for start-up companies to build-up their muscles, test effective strategies, find resources for the implementation of their plans.

The League took the Proviant Group managers on faith and acted as guarantor in its relations with banks. The company raised significant investment loans. The Proviant Group constructed a new milk processing plant with a capacity of 1,500 tons of raw material per day, which has no comparable analogues in the CIS and leads the sphere in Ukraine. The production upgrade, modern European equipment and advanced technologies enabled the company to supply dairy products to 34 countries of the world.

As part of an agreement between the ULIE and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv a research was conducted and requirement specifications were drawn up for four joint projects on the development of the concept of forming international image of Ukraine, on management of entrepreneurship risks, on the methods of marketing research on the national and international markets, and on the risk and security management at enterprises. Jointly with the university's Sociology Department the League conducted a research entitled "Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs: View from Inside."

The ULIE supports the construction of Ternopil-based Podoliany Business Center in western Ukraine which includes the wholesale and retail trade center, the Podoliany Palace Hotel, the business center and the sports and fitness complex. A project for the modernization of the engineering infrastructure of pumping stations, irrigation systems and water mains for water supply to low water regions has been launched. Its implementation is based on an agreement concluded by the ULIE and the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine.

In late 2012, the League's partner Peretvoriuvach Plant completed a research of Ukrainian water mains that required the introduction of energy saving technologies. As part of the project five mains which required energy saving technologies for effective work were selected. The list included the artificial channel Dnipro-Donbas that connects the rivers Dnipro and Siversky Donets, Pivnichno-Rohachynska, Pivdenno-Buzka, Inhuletska and Dnistrovska irrigation systems of Ukraine.

Donetsk regional office of the ULIE also implemented several important programs for its members. They include the Hi-Tech City regional competition for Donbas students and young scientists and the participation in the creation of the Azov Euro-Region, a development program for small- and medium-sized businesses in Donetsk region. In January 2011, Kramatorsk branch of Donetsk regional office of the ULIE initiated the creation of the Northern Donbas Association of the Industrial Agglomeration Cities. Donetsk scientists and industrialists applied efforts to start cooperation between cities which was actively supported by the Council of Europe which gave it the status of a pilot project within the Program "Strengthening Local Democracy and Support for Local Government Reforms in Ukraine."

The ULIE is planning to realize numerous energy saving and energy efficiency initiatives, environmental protection programs, cluster projects, etc. They will involve many representatives from various market segments, develop complex economic chains with the participation of banks, producers, service companies and will contribute to the improvement of economic attractiveness of towns, villages and regions.

5 reasons to join ULIE

  • ULIE members can take part in improvement of business regulatory and legal framework, as well as prevent the enactment of anti entrepreneurial standards and rules.
  • ULIE will help you to build relationships with banks, institutes, consulting companies for the development of your own business and to find the new perspective line of activity.
  • ULIE members are authorized to attend international business forums organized during visits of the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine and participate in the activity of bilateral intergovernmental commissions.

  • ULIE has a corporate security, which helps to protect its members in case of controversies with partners, bureaucratic pressure and lawlessness.
  • ULIE gives you an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of responsible business, to realize the need of your company to make a positive social and environmental influence.